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This is
Crafting Dead!

Starting out as a mod for Minecraft 1.5, Crafting Dead has been around for many years now. It was built on F3RULLO's Gun Mod, one of the first gun mods on the Minecraft scene and has been growing ever since, constantly being enhanced with more content and features

Crafting Dead adds in a multitude of zombies and guns, along with cosmetics and medical supplies. The guns are fully customisable with attachments and paints; they are competitive ready with accurate hit detection, latency compensation and recoil. Medical supplies include first aid kits, adrenaline and bandages enabling you to quickly escape, attack and recover from combat situations. WELCOME TO 1.16.5 (Whole New Experience)

Join Us Download 1.6.4Download 1.16.5 (BETA)

While also constantly trying to improve our ever-growing community, our developers work tirelessly to update and improve the mod to better the performance of player experience and make sure the mod can be enjoyed by all

While doing this, we also provide official multiplayer online servers which are monitored carefully to guarantee they are performing as perfectly as possible. Our servers run on the top processors with cutting-edge speeds, allowing our players to experience the gameplay to the very best.

Our staff team consists of very experienced individuals who are friendly, and happy to help anyone seeking assistance. Our aim is to ensure that players are enjoying the experiences of Crafting Dead to the maximum.

News & Announcements

Happy New YearNovember 23 2021


Heya! Happy New Year from everyone here at Crafting Dead. As we have just passed the new year here on the eastern coast this will be our welcome to all of our American player base as we say hello to 2022!


I would like to take a moment to say in the last year we have dedicated lots of resources and made massive progress on Reborn, launched Atlantas private beta, and have a few more secret projects in the works we will be sharing details later on for. I will give a personal thanks to our build team and its project lead @Maze_Lover152 for getting the Atlanta map redesigned and made specifically for the Reborn experience.

I would also like to thank our awesome administrator @Fluffy Fishy for all of his hard work behind the scenes, creating several of our new features all of you will experience in-game. Along with @Zensuyo for being our awesome asset developer making unbelievably awesome new models for our many items. Many many more have done awesome work this past year and we thank everyone that has helped Crafting Dead!

Special thanks to all of our wonderful beta testers, whom have dedicated lots of time helping us improve the Crafting Dead Reborn experience!

We look forward to you, our community members joining us in this new year as we progress and continue to grow as a community. All of you have come together at one time or another and helped make Crafting Dead what it is today, and we thank you! For those who are still in 2021, I give you an early welcome into 2022!

Special thanks to all of our wonderful beta testers, whom have dedicated lots of time helping us improve the Crafting Dead Reborn experience!

Legion, Crafting Dead Leadership team!

Merry Christmas from Crafting DeadDecember 25, 2021


Happy Holidays - Free Goodies!!

The above summarizes everything about the Christmas holidays, I wanted to announce some free claimable stuff for the 1.16.5 network and to wish you all an awesome and most important a joyful happy merry Christmas..

We are giving out 3 free festive crate keys which you can claim on the 1.16.5 store for free here:

This is an early version of the store, Do not expect it to be fully designed or integrated yet but you can still claim the crate keys. They will be released to your account once the server has been officially moved out of beta as there will be a reset once this happens, Anyone who wants to claim them now is free to do so, Once the server is up i will allow the crates to be claimable for you, ONCE the server resets to beta you will lose all your claimed stuff but you will be given another 3 crate keys. Its your choice to wait.

What is in the crate keys, This is a surprise. Its free to claim them!

Enjoy your Christmas, The free claimable keys are only available until the 27th

Happy Christmas to everyone!

The biggest sale of the year — 60% OFFNovember 23 2021


Hardcore Has Been Released!

⭐ To celebrate Black Friday & Cyber Monday all packages on the store including cash cards premium and other things are 60% off until the end of next Tuesday!

> Wondering if your purchase will be moved over to 1.16.5? YESSSS!! Of course! But you may end up getting so much more content for the same price but stuff on 1.16.5 will end up costing more so you get better value!

This sale only applies to the 1.6.4 servers, Once 1.16.5 has been released you’ll be able to get a credit for what you have spent on 1.6.4 on 1.16.5, We do not take into consideration what you pay, If you buy a $100 rank at 60% off and spend $40 then you still get $100 credit on the 1.16.5 store on release because you’ve bought a $100 rank.

These are some of the most crucial results we had back. This allowed us to define the Hardcore’s initiation. We’re happy to announce that the Hardcore server is in fact the Atlanta map, as per the results from the survey sent to the community. 👀

We won’t be having another sale this big until next year. Hurry up! This is a limited time offer!!: