Crafting Dead Core Values


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Crafting Dead Core Values

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Hello, recent and veteran staff members! Crafting Dead has always prided itself in providing the best community experience for its servers. These core values will serve as a reminder of what Crafting Dead strives to deliver. We encourage you to keep these values in the back of your mind as you continue your excellent contributions here on Crafting Dead. Thank you!
~Leadership Team

Core Values

  1. Actively Engage with the community
  2. Create a Positive Team Atmosphere
  3. Make a Difference
  4. Learn & Grow
  5. Deliver Excellent Service
  6. Have Fun!

Engage With The Community
Crafting Dead is not special solely on their games; it’s our community that stands out. It’s important to remember that and spend some time engaging with the players. You could make somebody’s day!


A Positive Team
It’s vital for us to create a positive environment designed for every individual to reach their potential.
Make a Difference
Attempt to make a difference whether it’s with the people in the community or for the server.
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Learn & Grow
Everyone makes mistakes. Don’t be afraid to make them since they help us grow as individuals. There’s no safer community to try new things and learn from those mistakes.
Excellent Service
It is integral to keep Crafting Dead's services up to its standards in order to continue providing a great experience for its users.

Having Fun In The Process
Take a break once in a while and re-energize yourself. It’s important to remember to have fun along the way!