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What’s up Devs, just wanted to give some feedback. When I was younger I used to play the crafting dead all the time. I probably had 4000+ hours on it. I tried out the new 1.16.5 and I have a few pointers to give. One of the biggest things I noticed was how much more difficult it is, the item spawns are really weird and random. I think you guys should go back to the colored piles that you used to use. It was a lot easier to identify what kind of loot they were. Another thing is, keep it simple. As I was running around there was just so much going on it was almost over stimulating and taking the fun out of what the game should be and used to be. I was seeing creatures that made absolutely zero sense like flying translucent sting ray things. If anything I think a cool thing to implement would be different sized zombies and special types of zombies. The baby zombies are kind of annoying too. Also I know you guys are working on it but the key binds are really messing with the gameplay. I think you guys are Doing amazing and I will continue to play. Keep up the good work I hope the game comes out of beta soon!