Report a player Format! Updated: 06/10/2021


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If you wish to report a player, you must follow the format, which is listed in the section. If this is not followed, then the player's report will not be accepted and an investigation will not take place. To make your application to report a player, you must follow the format that has been made below:

Your name =
Your Username
Offenders Username =
Offenders Nickname =
Brief Description of the offence =
Date =
Server =
Evidence =

When reporting a player, you mute have evidence of what has happened and what they have done. You may use a video recorder, or screenshot software for the evidence to be eligible. The list provided below will show you the rules when using evidence, and how we can accept your player report and start an investigation.


- Clear screenshot of the offender's name.
- Clear messages of the occurrence.
- You must NOT edit the screenshot, have any text on it, or crop it in any way possible.
- Must show the actual offence happening, not just in the chat.
- Players must NOT post in other peoples report unless they are involved in the occurrence

- If anything of the above happens, you will be warned, and if you carry on, will be suspended from the website.
- If the format is not followed, the report will be locked and denied and no investigation will take place until the right format is used.

- This is for Player Reports only. Other sections on the forums will have their own format depending on the section.


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