Website Rules and Player/Staff Rights


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Hello everyone this is a list of rules I have personally compiled as I think some of us here don't know the rules.

- If the Player decided to write one-word comments on forums threads is classed as micro posting. This will be given a warning point.
- if the Player decided to write on his/her(s) own report which is filed towards and against the given player then this will also be given a warning point.
- if the Player after 3 warnings decided not to behave and stop breaking rules then he/she/others will be banned from forums for a given amount of time which is chosen by the moderator.
- if the Player asks staff about the viewing of their own application then the application will be denied by senior staff such as myself on another administrator.

- if a Player advertises the person will be muted or banned per how bad the advertising was from the given player.
- if a Player spams or micro posts then the Player will be punished with a ban for up to 1 week.
- If a Player has broken a rule via forums they will be punished via the forum(s)

(Server-side rules)

- if a server Player decides to use inappropriate language in global or local chat then the players will be given a warning. (*/3)
- All players will be given a fair chance no matter what rank or country they come from.
- All Players will be eligible to apply for staff.
- All Players will be given a max of 3 warnings until a ban or donation rank demotion.
- If A Player decides to shop kill then the Player will be jailed for 30 minutes

(Staff Rights)

- If a Player is breaking rules then the admin on duty will be given full right to deal with the Player necessarily.
- Admins have full right to rank demotion per person rule break.
- Moderators can use their permissions to deal with a player in how they see fit.

(Player Rights)

- Players can buy ranks freely but will not be forced to.
- Players always get 3 warnings.
- Players can apply for staff to help the server.
- Players will be treated as the same as others.
- Players can report staff for abuse
- Players can report members for abuse.
- Players WILL NOT disrespect staff.

Thanks for reading the rules and now you truly know what the rules are.
If a moderator or admin has punished you don't complain or your punishment will be extended.

Crafting Dead Team.